Custom Engineered <span>Reactor</span> Solutions

Custom Engineered Reactor Solutions

Engineered. Manufactured. Factory & Field Tested.

Reactors & Applications

Line Traps

Line traps are connected in series with high voltage and ultra-high voltage ac power li...

Filter Reactor

A filter reactor can be connected in either parallel or series with a capacitor bank. T...

Shunt Reactor

A shunt reactor is connected in parallel to the power system. The shunt reactor compens...

Damping Reactor

A damping reactor is connected is series with one or more capacitor banks. It is design...

Current Limiting Reactor

  A current limiting reactor is connected in series with the power system. It i...

Test Reactor

Test reactors are installed in high-voltage and high-power laboratories. The typical applic...

Smoothing Reactor

A smoothing reactor is connected in series with the DC high voltage line as either part...

Thyristor Controlled Reactor

A thyristor controlled reactor [TCR] is a reactor connected in series with a bidirectional ...

Neutral Grounding Reactors

OPERATING CONDITIONS Location: indoor or outdoor Ambient temperature: -40℃~+50℃ (ac...

Wire & Cable

The conductors used in our reactors are custom-designed, made of our own wire and cable...

TEEE manufactures the complete range of dry type air core reactor and line trap products to meet all customer requirements and applications. TEEE products are designed to meet all customer applications and stringent quality standards around the world.

Key Features

  • From low voltage to 1100kV AC & DC applications
  • Built to ISO 9001 & 14001 quality standards
  • In full compliance with ANSI/IEEE, IEC and all other international standards
  • Supported by in-house wire & cable manufacturing
  • All winding fully encapsulated with a combination of fiberglass and epoxy resin
  • Highest mechanical & short circuit withstand capabilities
  • Highest voltage withstand
  • Lowest noise levels achieved
  • Simple installation for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • No maintenance required

Structure Support

Reactors can be provided with steel or fiberglass support structures, raising each unit to a safe enough height for human clearance and providing proper magnetic clearance between the reactor and the ground. Such support structures are custom-engineered and designed with consideration of the product’s overall weight, so as not to offset dimensions or shipping costs. Also, to reduce the number of insulators needed to meet specifications.