Power Inductors

Power Inductors

Power inductors are passive components featuring a conductive wire which is tightly coiled around the inductor to create a magnetic field in order to store energy in an easy and efficient manner. A high current power inductor also contributes to filter EMI interference, minimize signal loss, and maintain a steady current flow; all these factors make it the best option for a circuit with varying voltage.

We at TEEE design, manufacture, and supply power inductors that can also be designed as per the application and your special requirements. You should actually choose the right inductor that best suits the application. You may find a variety of inductors but it is important to choose a design that ensures a lower lifetime cost. Our team of expert designers is capable of providing power inductor customizing solutions as the inductor works with high efficiency if made to match a specific application.

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We are one of the leading suppliers of air core inductors that deliver high performance with low energy loss. The air core inductors deliver best solutions for switch mode magnetic requirements especially when the application requires high linearity & frequency and reduction in core loss. We are capable of designing and manufacturing special air core inductors for the applications where space is less. All the inductors can be customized concerning the requirements of the application. We provide world-class power inductor products business in Michigan, Virginia, Oregon, North Carolina, California, New York, Georgia and Washington areas.