What are reactors in power transmission system? How to get the right reactors for your needs?

  • 18 Feb, 2020

Electrical reactors are very important components in a power transmission system. It is basically a huge coil of wires that offer high resistance in a transmission line to limit the high current flow through to the system to avoid a possible fault. It is used in the power transmission systems to protect the substation equipment from any kind of damage. They are used to limit the short circuit currents that cause damage to the electrical equipment. Apart from this, reactors in a power system are used:

  • To control starting currents of electrical motors
  • To filter out unwanted harmonics in a transmission system
  • To limit the flow of harmonic current
  • For arc suppression
  • To protect from lightning, high voltage waves, and surges
  • To prevent high current stress and heat
  • To increase the operating life of a capacitor
  • To avoid over current and heating problems

If you are looking to buy the right cheap price reactors for your needs you should know all kinds of reactors and their applications. As a reactor has many roles in an electrical power system, they are classified in different ways depending on their modes of applications. The most common reactors that are used in a power system are shunt reactors, current limiting, and neutral earthing reactors, damping reactors, tuning reactors, earthing transformer, thyristor controlled reactors, arc suppression reactors, test reactors, filter reactors, and smoothing reactor.

Depending on the purposes of use, reactors are classified in different categories as:

  • From the constructional point of view, reactors are classified as air-cored rectors and gapped iron core reactors.
  • From an operational point of view, reactors are available as variable reactors and fixed reactors.
  • The reactors are also classified as the indoor type and outdoor type reactors.

How to find the right reactors for your needs?

If you are looking for reactors, consider these ratings and parameters that best suit your requirements:

  • System voltage
  • Rated voltage
  • Rated inductance
  • Rated frequency
  • Rated quality factor
  • Rated current
  • Harmonic current
  • Type of Insulation
  • Rated loss
  • Rated short-time current and duration
  • Average temperature rise
  • Hot spot temperature rise
  • Sound level

When looking for the best reactor for your industrial needs, find a professional and experienced manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment. They will help you find the right reactor for your industrial purpose. Consider these points when searching and find the best manufacturer and supplier that can fulfill all your requirements:

  • What kinds of reactors they are selling?
  • How much experience they have in the industry?
  • Do they deal with all kinds, sizes, ratings, and parameters?
  • DO they offer installation services?
  • Do they offer customizations depending on your needs?
  • What method do they use to sell and deliver products?
  • Check for the online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to know about their professionalism and how good their products are.

Considering these factors and points, you can easily get the best cheap price reactors for your power system. A professional manufacturer will help you in finding the right one no matter what kinds of reactor design you are looking for.