Power Utility Equipments and Its Importance

  • 01 Oct, 2019

Power utility industries are flourishing amazingly thus setting plans for future growth. The industry is operating power plants to generate electricity to meet the requirements of the consumers and industries. Utilities like gas, water and electricity are used to promote economic and social development.  Electricity is generated from various energy forms and then this produce electricity is utilized for various purposes like heating, lighting, cooling, freezing and all other uses.

There are electric power industry that perform the function of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power which is distributed among the consumers and industry. The electric power industry is split into four processes which help in electric generation such as power station, electric power transmission, electric distribution and electric retailing. With the advance technology and evolution it becomes easy to produce power utility equipments with cost- effective goals. There are huge variants of power utility equipments which include isolators, reactors, conductors, insulators, lightning arresters, instrument transformers and so on. These equipments are used with the motive of power generation and they are maintained actively with the expertise energy management strategies.

Various Equipments

  • Insulators – Isolators are kind of a mechanical switch which is used to isolate a fraction of the electrical circuit when it is required. It is thus the process of complete separation of various parts of an apparatus. There are three kinds of isolators such as double break type isolator, single break type isolator and pantograph type isolator.
  • Electric Power Transformers – A transformer is considered as a static machine used for transforming power from one circuit to another without even affecting the frequency.
  • Conductors and Insulators – Conductors are those substances which allow electricity to flow through them. Because of electrons it gets easy to generate electricity. They are considered as life- savior because of its extreme advantages.

On the other hand, insulators are those materials which do not allow the current to flow through them. They are solid in nature and are resistive to the flow of electrons.

  • Circuit breakers – These are designed to protect an electrical circuit from the damage caused by excess of current. It helps in interrupting current flow after the electric fault is detected.
  • Bus Bar – Bus bars are defined as a group of conductors which helps in collecting electric power from different channels and distribute them among the ongoing feeders.
  • Capacitor Bank – It is a group of several capacitors that are connected to store electrical energy.

Power utility equipments play an important role in supplying electricity to various channels for various purposes. Good quality of equipments helps in the proper functioning of electricity and thus promotes the chances of development of country’s economy. The characteristics of electricity depend on frequency, magnitude, wave form and symmetry. Thus, to buy such equipments one must investigate about their proper functioning. One just has to monitor the features and specifications of these equipments which will help in evaluating its power quality and sensitivity.