Everything You Need To Know About HVDC System

  • 24 Feb, 2020

In the world of power technology, the HVDC system plays an important role in enabling bulk power transmissions over long distances. There is no single technical and mechanical tool that works without the support of electricity so to ease the process of transporting power, companies are now developing high-speed direct-current (DC) circuit-interruption technology for multiple power supply systems. This will not only increase the power transmission of cable systems but also lowers the possibilities of electrical losses.

While talking of HVDC, it stands for high voltage direct current which is highly used in the areas where the reach of AC connections is very low. In this system, the power is taken from one of the points of the AC network and gets converted to DC in order to improve the efficiency and functionality of the connected AC network. There were the days when transmissions were done through the AC network but now it is replaced with DC system because the traditional ones have low line length, uncontrolled power supply, stability issues, fault isolation, overloaded conditions, etc.

People looking for bulk power generating products should consult the best HVDC suppliers who will offer high-quality products such as wires and cables, capacitor, rectifiers and inverters, convertor transformers, DC and AC filters, smoothing reactors, thyristor controlled reactors, neutral grounding reactors, test reactors, line traps, etc and services thus helping in improving the operating conditions of power supply stations.

Applications of HVDC systems

  • Connecting offshore wind
  • Connecting remote generation
  • Long-distance transmissions
  • Interconnecting grids
  • Power from shore
  • Dc links in AC grids
  • Asynchronous interconnections
  • Long submarine cables
  • Bulk power transmissions
  • City-center infeed
  • Connecting remote loads

Here are the following plus points of HVDC systems–

  • In the HVDC system, the cost of transmission and its installation is very less as it uses only two conductors for the whole process.
  • DC transmissions in this system allow the usage of thick conductors that helps to eliminate skin effect so there is a uniform distribution of current over different sections of the conductors.
  • Transmissions losses are very rare in this system as it has no reactive power.
  • Unlike HVAC, HVDC uses electronic converters offering protection and fault clearance and also results in improving transient stability.
  • In this system, power levels can be quickly controlled through electrical mediums.
  • The best feature of this system is that it doesn’t produce much noise.
  • Also, it doesn’t require charging for current and reactive power as the bulk power transmission is done through cables.
  • The DC cables used in the bulk power transmission in the HVDC system are comparatively cheaper than AC cables.
  • Due to reduced equivalent reactance in DC transmissions, there are fewer possibilities of short electric circuits.

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