Crucial things to consider when designing a power substation

  • 03 Jul, 2019

Distribution substation design should be in a way that ensures reliability and quality of the power supply, safety, economics, maintainability, simplicity of operation, and functionality.

Safety to both life and property is the most important thing to look at in the design of the substation. Therefore, it is important to follow codes and recommended practices or standards when it comes to the selection and application of material and equipment. Also, when it comes to choosing the best of top power Substation manufacturers, you should do this with utmost care and deliberation.

Here are some most important things to consider for power substation design:

Operating / Design Limits

In order to come out with the best design idea for a power distribution substation, there are some limits that you should know. Following are the operating and design limits to be considered to ensure safe working conditions:

  • Interrupting devices should work safely in all conditions.
  • It is important to thwart accidental contact with energized contractors through enclosing the conductors, installing protective barriers, and interlocking.
  • Substation design supports maintenance work on circuits and equipment.
  • Warning signs must be there for both professionally trained and semi-skilled personnel.
  • There is an adequate grounding system
  • And all safety devices are available for workers.

Substation Physical Appearance

Though it is best if you can locate distribution substations as near as possible to the load center of its service area, but this may be something not easy. The best locations perfect from engineering and cost points of view are sometimes prohibited due to things like physical, electrical, neighboring, or aesthetic considerations.

For high- and low-voltage requirements and the required power capacity, a low-cost above-ground design is something worth considering. While it perfectly meets your needs, there is a low cost on installation.

Conversely, underground cables are expensive as well as not that convenience for urban areas populated densely. Installation of underground cables may also impose some dangers to the locals.

So it is important to understand the local conditions or system-wide policy which is crucial to landscaping at a substation site or for housing the substation within a building.

Substation Standardization

Standards, recommended practices, and guides are important to follow for design, installation, operation, and maintenance of substations.

The set standards provide you with the specific definitions of electrical terms, methods of measurement and test procedures, and dimensions and ratings of equipment, which is crucial to the design of a substation.

Whereas recommended practices suggest methods of accomplishing an objective for specific conditions, guides will specify the factors to consider in order achieving a specific objective.

Your power substation manufacturer

These are important to create a good power distribution substation design. But to realize your design into a high performance competent substation, there are many equipment and devices that you will need. There are many leading power Substation manufacturers in the USA, and one such is TEEE that you can completely trust to meet all your needs related to power substation.