5 Things to Know When Buying Inductor for Power Applications

  • 19 Jun, 2019

The process of selecting a power inductor comprises of several factors that need to be considered. Also there is a thong of choices on the market, which make the task a bit more difficult for designers of next generation applications.

Over the years, like other components in the industry, power inductors are also being impacted by the advent of smaller electronic devices that have boosted functionality and require increased density of components on the board. So utmost care needs to b taken when it comes to buying power inductors. Here are some crucial considerations to make in order to choose the right power inductor.

Know your application

Choice is all about options, and knowing the options enables you to choose a component that only satisfies a circuit electronically, but also improves its overall performance. Same is in the case of power inductor. But find out options available, you should also be familiar with your requirements. So before you go and look for the options, get to know what applications you need power inductors for. So whether you should buy high current power inductors or something else, if you know your applications you will be able to easily decide.

Learn about current rating

Basically, an inductor’s current rating is thermal capability of the component which is based on its ability to withstand DC current. Usually specified in amperes DC (A DC) or milliamperes DC (mA DC), the DC current rating is the highest current can be allowed to flow through the component. The maximum current to be allowed to flow depends on a specified ambient and maximum operating temperature.

Look at RF designs

If you need power inductors for RF electronics, you should give more priority to quality and the self-resonant frequency (SRF). Also, look at the inductor’s tolerance.  The quality is the ratio of an inductor’s reactance to its effective resistance, which frequency dependent. So frequency test seems crucial to be done.

Choose the right Power inductors

Parameters of choosing power inductor are generally focused on the device’s current parameters, which include incremental current and maximum current. The former describes the current where inductance decreases by 5 per cent because of the saturation. However saturation can be changed with different core materials and shapes. Look at these top Power inductor manufacturers in the USA catering to a wide range of industry with high-end power inductors.

Other factors to consider

Among the factors crucial to choosing power inductor is to list the options for the core material and design and outline the advantages and disadvantages. From toroidal to gapped ferrite, there is a long list of options.

There is also a wide variety of moulded and/or open-construction inductors to choose if you are looking for the options that are totally ungapped and, typically, are in either a straight or bobbin coil form.