Launch Of New Weapon In Fight Against Paedophiles

  • 05 Feb, 2007

A British company’s revolutionary security device for home computers is being heralded as the ultimate weapon in helping to keep children safe from paedophiles on the Internet.

XGate – a security device from Manchester-based, market leading security company Global Security One (GSEC1) – addresses this issue. The pioneering power of the XGate is immediate for all to see: the ability to instantly oversee and control a child’s online activity in a chatroom from a mobile phone can offer parents total peace of mind.  Parents have the capability to monitor their child’s conversations or, where required, block access to the chatroom and even shut down the PC via their mobile phone.

“The ability to be in control of a child’s Internet activities from the office, supermarket or even in another room in the house, provides parents with the confidence that their children can be kept safe from paedophiles who prowl the Internet,” explains Mark Brooks, International Technology Marketing Manager of GSEC1.

Unlike traditional security solutions for home PC users, XGate is not a piece of software that sits on the PC and slows it down. It is a device which plugs into the PC and includes an ADSL modem, enabling the user to safely browse the Internet as fast the connection allows.

The XGate retails at £99.95 and is available via Amazon while visitors to can find details of other outlets.

Key benefits of this approach include:
– it is a unified approach to home Internet security so doing away with the need for the user to buy disparate pieces of software or worry about integration, compatibility and licensing issues. 
– A single XGate meets all home broadband Internet security needs and allows up to 4 computers to be connected
– A single renewal relieve the user from tracking multiple software subscriptions
– It’s a stand alone device which stops threats before they reach the computer.  Unlike conventional security software which will only identify threats when they have actually infiltrated the computer system.

Michele Elliott of Kidscape says: “Parents are right to be concerned that paedophiles are using the Internet to groom children. The XGate offers protection for children and gives parents a way to monitor or shut down activity that could be dangerous. We want children to be able to use the Internet safely and so we welcome this new technology.”

There is no other device in the world today able to offer such peace of mind to a parent. XGate uses sophisticated technology developed after extensive research into paedophile behaviour.  It is equipped with proprietary algorithms and databases enabling it to monitor paedophile grooming languages.

Mark Brooks continues: “The fact that I have a four year old son makes me particularly sensitive to the threat posed by paedophiles who stalk the Internet to groom unsuspecting children.  I am proud to be able to say that I have been involved in the XGate project which will save children’s lives. 

“We are launching the ADSL compatible version now as our research highlights that the greater proportion of the country has that type of Internet access and so we can offer a wider population of children the protection they need.  The next iteration of the XGate will be compatible with cable Internet connectivity and wireless.”

GSEC 1, which has over 100 employees, was founded in 2000. It has a facility in Manchester and an office in Birmingham in addition to offices in Godalming, India and Taiwan. XGate is based on GSEC1’s Prodigy range of business-class products.  These were the first products to offer protection against blended threats and incorporate all aspects of business security including Anti-Virus protection, comprehensive spam filtering, secure banking and web filtering in addition to an impenetrable firewall.

Notes to Editor
XGate addresses several other key problems that Internet uses face today, including phishing scams, which send people to false websites and obtain personal information costing British banks alone tens of millions of pounds per annum.  The key features of XGate are:

– Parental protection/child chat room monitoring
The ultimate weapon in the ongoing fight against online bullying and paedophile activities. XGate allows parents to monitor their child’s chatroom activities from anywhere in the world via theor mobile phone. The ability to turn off the computer and block access to chatrooms from a mobile phone based  on specific words being used provides parents with total peace of mind. 
– Secure banking
Using GSEC 1’s DNA fingerprinting banking technology, XGate will compare the site being connected to its database of fraudulent sites and apply other security measures to ensure that the user does not become the victim of a scam whilst banking online
– Identity protection
XGate will continuously monitor computers connected to the internet for any attempts to install unauthorised programs called “Spyware” or “malware.” These programs usually try to scan and steal passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential information that may be stored on the user’s home computer. XGate will notify the user and automatically remove such programs
– Remote access: work from home, securely
XGate users who wish to connect to their main office and work from their homes will find XGate’s remote access feature a real advantage as it allows them to connect seamlessly and securely

– Secure gaming: play online with peace of mind
XGate supports online gaming for all the major games systems allowing you to play online computer games with full peace of mind
– Email and web filters
Comprehensive email filters block unwanted emails called spam and powerful web filters control access to inappropriate websites for you children. XGate can filter Internet access on the basis of: web content categories, time (allow internet access only during specific times of the day), allow only specific users to access the Internet, and create exception lists by blocking every website in a specific category, yet allow only a specific site from that category
– Virus and firewall protection – keep hackers at bay
Integrated protection at the gateway and for internal computers by means of a powerful, secure and flexible firewall. It includes XGate anti-virus, which complements the firewall and virtualisation technology to detect even unknown strains of computer viruses 
– Integrated Broadband connectivity
The XGate system features an integrated ADSL modem for broadband connectivity, so that your users don’t have to buy anything extra
– Integrated Support Pack
XGate comes with unrivaled customer care, feature updates and firmware upgrades and licences for all features for one year. There are no disparate pieces of software to buy and keep track of