All About Air Core Inductor!!

  • 28 Nov, 2019

Electric and electronic appliances are composed of many small and large parts which help in the easy flow of the energy. Most of the electronic applications consist of the inductors which are an electronic component. It stores the energy which results from the current when passes through the magnetic field. The manufacturing of the inductor is very complicated because it is made by wrapping conducting wire into a coil around a central core. Each turn of the wire is specifically termed as winding and the number of windings relates to the inductance. There are several inductors available in the market according to the functions that they perform and one of them is the air core inductor.

In air core inductor, non-magnetic coils or no coil are used instead of a ferromagnetic coil. The benefit of using this category of inductor ensures the lower peak of inductance but reduces the energy loss which is found with the ferrite inductors. Due to the balanced working module of the air core inductor, it can be operated at the high frequencies.

Applications where air core inductors are in use:

  • Electronic products and appliances
  • Computer devices
  • Communication equipment

Working of the air core inductors

The cores in the air inductors are made up of ceramic material which gives the right strength to the product. The coil in the inductor carries an electric current which produces a magnetic field around the conductor. Further, the magnetic comes into work and stimulates EMF in the coil which results in the current flow. Sometimes the flow of the current might get hampered due to the voltage applied on the appliance or the electronic items.

It happens that the inductor opposes the input current which results in changes in the magnetic field. Due to resistance from induction, the current flow decreases which scientifically termed as inductive reactance. It is easy to boost the flow of current by increasing the number of rolls in the coil. The process continues with charging and discharging along with the release of the energy.

Benefits of the air core inductors

It is an effective solution in case of switch-mode magnetic requirements as it focuses upon high linearity, high frequency and reduced core loss. It is the right introduction and solution in the electronic field if space is not the prohibition. Other than these, there are several other benefits of using air core inductors. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • No worries of saturation–Inductors with the ferromagnetic coil become saturated as the current is increased but the same is not the case with the air core conductors. It has no core to saturate and is independent of the electrical currents.
  • No loss of iron– Iron is not lost in the inductors which do not have ferromagnetic coil even when the frequency is increased. The cores offer better Q factor and lower the distortion in higher frequency.
  • Easy to operate at high frequency– The most important benefit of the air core inductor is that it can operate on the high frequency on the level of 1GHz. It gives the best performance if the intensity in on the peak.


The introduction of the air core inductors in the field of electronics is very beneficial but it can only be possible if the users purchase the same from the right buyer. It is advised that people should research in deep before making the final payment for the product because it is an electrical part which can be severely harmful if bought wrong.